10 minute ab & oblique workout

I tend to get bored with the same workout every day so here is another 10 minute workout for your abdominal & oblique muscles.  Both these muscles love to roll over the waistline of your pants thus, the phrase “mushroom top” was coined.  You don’t want to be among the “growing” population of mushroom tops so try this out.

I do change up my workouts often and my physical activity from day-to-day.  You’d be surprised what new muscles you use when you garden for a few hours, or climb the ladder up and down cleaning gutters, push the lawn mower, rake leaves, shovel snow.   Think about all the different muscles you use playing tennis, biking, swimming, walking or jogging, roller blading,  SUP boarding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, water skiing, doing yoga, ice skating and snow shoeing.  The key is to find the activities you enjoy and do them OFTEN!  Changing up your activities will work a wider variety of muscles for an overall toned and beautiful body!


OK, this might be more painful than my SUP Board core workout but I have to give everyone options. This can be done on a yoga mat in your office at work or at home or even if you’re traveling and staying in a hotel room Obviously, you should shoot for a more lengthy workout when you have the time but some days are just so busy!!