While Dietitians, myself included, advise against coconut oil in the diet, it may be surprising for you to realize that the naturally occurring saturated fat in coconut oil actually has some amazing health benefits. Try a drop of it to reap all offered myriad benefits. Plus, coconut oil is completely natural, affordable and readily available. Here are seven uses of this oil.

1. Skin care

Do you want to look like you have just come back from an hour of yoga? Is your wish to keep your skin youthful and healthy looking for a long time?  Coconut oil does wonders as a moisturizer for all the types of skin, especially dry and aging ones, leaving you refreshed and looking widely awake without requiring a headstand. The thing is that fat in the oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles without any irritation. Coconut oil can help with skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues. In fact, the coconut oil is frequently used in brandy skin care products.

2. Stress relief

Relieve mental fatigue by applying coconut oil to your head in a motion of circular massaging. The natural aroma of this oil is extremely soothing thus helping to lower your stress level and you will never feel exhausted even after long office day, nonstop screaming kids and your dog leaving a little present on the vintage bedspread. You will be provided with an immediate energy source.


3. Digestion

The medium chained triglycerides are saturated fats in coconut oil, which have anti inflectional properties that help control bacteria and fungi causing indigestion and other gastro-intestinal system related problems even in irritable bowel syndrome. The fat in coconut oil also helps in the absorption of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, making you even healthier all around.  Moderation is key.

4. Fitness

Coconut oil has been proven to improve thyroid function, boost your metabolism and increase energy levels, all of that help decrease the unwanted fat and increase muscles. That is why coconut oil is gaining popularity among fitness buffs.

5. Energy

Your body sends medium chained fatty acids also called medium chained triglycerides directly to your liver to use as energy. It makes coconut oil a powerful source of instant energy to the body, a function, which is usually served in the diet by simple carbohydrates.

6. Healing

When applied on cuts and scrapes, coconut oil creates a thin chemical layer that protects the wound from bacteria, outside dust and virus. Coconut oil speeds up the healing process of injuries by repairing damaged tissues. In addition, it smells a lot better than anything from the pharmacy.


7. Hair care

Why spend $ 25 on hair conditioners if you can get even more benefit for even less price. Coconut oil is one of the most nutritious products you can use to treat your hair. Massage a little of the oil onto your scalp and presto no more dandruff. Since coconut oil provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair, it is used in a ton of hair products anyway. So cut to the chase and skip all those unnecessary chemicals.  Spray a little on your hairbrush and transform your dried out, frizzy  hair into a lustrous shine!


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