Danskin Upper Body Toning Band

Danskin Upper Body Toning Band

Possibly the best $10 I ever spent!

I purchased this at WalMart along with a Yoga Mat (also $10). I hung the toning band on the back door handle in the office and the yoga mat rolled up stored nicely behind the door too – no one the wiser. I could do a quick 10-15 minute upper body workout on a break. I also packed this in my bag when I went on overnight work trips to fabulous Albany and worked out watching the news.

Place one foot on the band for least resistance; both feet on the band a few inches apart for moderate resistance; widening your stance increases resistance further to about 15 pounds! Very versatile. It also has a door strap so you can mimic a rowing machine and do press downs.

It comes with a workout poster but I designed my own workout to concentrate on the saggy areas – like the back of the arm – Queen’s Wave to All!

I do each exercise for 2-3 minutes – you’d be surprised how effective this band is!! Try it out – cheap and versatile.

Danskin has a variety of fun workout tools which you can browse on their website:
  Empower-Women Fitness Products

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